Good Vs Bad

Ever wondered what the difference is? Well, it involves a very simple check, but firstly what other factors should you be looking at before deciding who is a good electrician and who is a bad electrician. The answer is found right at the end of this post (in case you are wondering.)

Is is not easy to spot who is good and who is bad at face value. This is why I always recommend doing some digging about and researching an electrician that you feel might fit the bill for your next job. Carrying out a few basic checks can save you a lot of trouble further down the line.

One of the key aspects within the business of a good electrician is responsibility. It is the over-riding element of everything an electrician does. Naturally, this includes full responsibility of each and every job taken on and for the on going life of the installation once complete. This normally takes the form of a guarantee, the length of which does vary. Here at North Electrics, we put our name and reputation behind every job we take on and this is backed up by a six year warranty on all electrical work.

In contrast, a bad electrician would demonstrate very little, if any responsibility, would produce sub standard, shoddy work and this work would be unlikely to carry any kind of guarantee meaning they would have no thought for the welfare of their customers and they are just in the game to make a few quid, and their attitude is likely to resemble the same should they be challenged by an unhappy customer. Furthermore, there is no come back on the job once this electrician has left.

A good electrician sees the bigger picture. Tell a good electrician what job you need doing and their mind is instantly ticking – is this the best solution for the customer? Can the customer save money by having the job done in a different way? A bad electrician will just do the job without any thought.

Looking through an electrical forum the other day which pondered a similar subject and I came across a post which summarised very well the difference between a good electrician and a bad electrician “A bad electrician finishes the job, looks at his work, isn’t happy but still leaves it how it is. A good electrician finishes the job, looks at his work, and if he isn’t happy changes his work until he is.” Actually, in this scenario, the bad electrician did demonstrate a good quality, and that is he looked at his work, I’m not sure many bad electricians do actually look at their work in a serious way.

A good electrician will also understand the electricity regulations and how they impact on the job in hand and takes seriously the need to keep up to date with new and changing regulations. Simply doing a job because that’s the way you’ve always done it or ‘parrot fashion’ is not providing a great service.

Repeat custom is another indicator of how good you are as an electrician. Here at North Electrics, I work with many letting agents and landlords throughout Stockton and Middlesbrough. I also have a large customer base of word of mouth recommendations. I feel this is a great way of obtaining relevant feedback (freely) on my performance as an electrician.

Furthermore, a good electrician will also hold industry recognised qualifications, have relevant experience and take pride in their work.

A bad electrician may not have any of the above, which certainly poses the question – is there any such thing as a bad electrician? If they are this bad they are not electricians!