Do I need an electrician To Check my electrics before buying a new home?

Is your home at risk from faulty wiring? Two-thirds of buyers fail to check electrics when purchasing a property

Two-thirds of the homes purchased in the last two years have not been checked for electrical safety, a charity has warned.

Electrical Safety First says homebuyers mistakenly believe a survey will check the electrics, leaving them at risk of high bills, electric shock or fire.

Buyers are instead being urged to get an Electrical Installation Condition Report.

The Dangers of Buying or Selling a Home without an Electrical Inspection

Are you buying or selling a home?

Does it come with the necessary Electrical Certificates? (Installation Certificates OR Electrical Condition Report)?

If not then read on to find out why this might cause problems with your selling or buying process.

If in any doubt, I have a free 5 point guide here. This helps you to identify if an Inspection is needed.

Buying a Home

When buying you need to know if it is safe.

Good Vs Bad

Ever wondered what the difference is? Well, it involves a very simple check, but firstly what other factors should you be looking at before deciding who is a good electrician and who is a bad electrician. The answer is found right at the end of this post (in case you are wondering.)

Is is not easy to spot who is good and who is bad at face value. This is why I always recommend doing some digging about and researching an electrician that you feel might fit the bill for your next job. Carrying out a few basic checks can save you a lot of trouble further down the line.