This Checklist was created to help those that are Buying or Selling a home.

As an Electrician, I have seen a lot of people buy or sell homes where they had not realised that there were electrical issues.

Usually this is not too big an issue, but the biggest problem is the delays it can cause in exchanging contracts.

So, this checklist was designed purely to give you an indication of whether you might need an Electrical Inspection or not.

And don’t worry! Because even if you think you might need one, there are two options you can take, one is significantly less cost than the other. This is described on the last page of this document.

P.S. The full terminology for an Electrical Inspection is an Electrical Installation Condition Report

(Some people call this “Landlord Safety Report” or “Periodic Inspection Report”)

So, let’s dive right in to check number 1 …

Check Number 1

Look at the Fuse board or Distribution Board.

Does it contain an RCD Device like this? (Easily identified by the push button for testing)

If not then the circuits are likely to be AT LEAST 10 years old on a modern type of board, or AT LEAST 20 years old on an old board where re-wire able fuses are installed.

So, RCD is good

But anything else not so good, and could really do with being checked out. (See last page for how to do this).

Check Number 2

Check the Gas and Water supplies

For Gas this is the point where it first comes into the house (and NOT further down, as this is not correct!)

For Water this is just after the stop tap (and NOT further down, as this is not permitted!) Can you see a clamp and yellow/green earth cable like this:

If not then there is a good likelihood that the installation is not adequately Bonded, which is not a good thing in the event of a fault. This should be rectified. But because all properties in the last decade or so would have had this done, this is also a tell-tale sign that the wiring has not been checked in a long time.

So, no cable and clamp (clamp must be in good condition) means an Inspection should be carried out. (See last page for how to do this).

Check Number 3

Label Missing on Board AND no paperwork exists for the wiring (An Electrical Installation

Certification OR previous Electrical Condition Report that has not expired past the due date)

This label should exist on the board (Not always red, but should have a “Date of last Inspection” and “Recommended date of Next Inspection”):

If this is missing AND paperwork is missing, then an Inspection is advised. See last page for details.

Check Number 4

Additional work was done that was not part of the original installation AND no paperwork was given.

Additional work when done with an extension, kitchen, bathroom or other such cosmetic and structural changes, often (sadly) involves another trade “having a go” at doing the wiring work.

If they use an accredited Electrician and they issue a certificate, then all is good.

HOWEVER, if no certificate is issued by the person who does the alterations, then quite often there are issues with this work. This may look nice cosmetically, but one of many issues come to light later. So, for this reason it would be advisable (in this case) to have an Electrical Inspection carried out. See last page for details.

Look for anything that gives cause for concern!

This could be loose (unsecured or unprotected) cables, especially where items will be stored next to them:

Anything that looks (or smells!!) worn or burnt out (because chances are it will burn out completely soon!):

“Thin” cables (or not outer insulation) on pendants:

IF You need an Electrical Inspection

Did ANY of the quick checks above state that you need an Electrical Inspection?

Or are you uncertain when it comes to knowing the condition of the Electrical Wiring?

If so then I have an offer that will help you out BUT will not cost the earth.

For Just £50 I will carry out a Visual Inspection to give an indication of the safety and condition of the wiring

NOTE that you WILL NOT find that offer on my website, nor will I quote this price ANYWHERE else!

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