Coronavirus (COVID-19) What Your Local Expert Electrician Is Doing

Were currently experiencing something which we have not had to go though before and hopefully never will have to again.

The government have told us not to leave the house and not to mix with people.

But what do you do when something goes wrong you go to put the oven on to make tea and all of a sudden the power goes off. What do you do ??

Well do not panic North Electrics can help. We can do the whole job without having to go near you or your family.

We will text or call you when we get to your house so you can open the front door and go into a different room.

Communicate with you via phone once in your house

Payment made via online services

We will be wearing gloves and face mask and the work area will be cleaned down with anti-bacterial cleaning wipes

Do not be stuck during this lockdown we can HELP

Call 01642 386 326